What has changed
We have added in the portal the possibility to add a complex score to a questionnaire. You can find this feature in the questionnaire configuration page on the top right corner where by pressing the (+) button a calculator opens up and assists you to define one or more scores using arithmetic operations with the variables in the formula being the question codes of the respective questionnaire.

Scoring of Questionnaires for any subject can be monitored in the Questionnaire list as before and will be visualized in a new tab “Questionnaires” added at the Subject page Reports to offer longitudinal overview of scores and subscores for all questionnaires of the study.

How it affects you
Healthentia platform is not responsible for the use of licensed questionnaires outside the clinical setting. If a study has a commercial purpose then the Data controller running the study is responsible to make arrangements with the Organization that has published the questionnaire. The platform will no longer provide a pre-defined sum of the individual question scores of the questionnaires if scores are given in the questions. The calculator will be required to combine the question scores.
For the ongoing studies where a score was given to question