Health Organizations

Medical Device


Insurance Market


eCRF,EDC, Medical & Wearable Devices

Capture & Collect

Using mobile devices and sensor networks


Enabling digital collection of outcomes ePRO

Empower Research

Drive Insights and clinical endpoints

Engage Patients

Reduce participation burdens and offering Health insights to patients


Let's Digitize Clinical Trials:

Studies show that 86% of Sponsors and CROs prefer eCOA/ePRO over paper diaries.
By 2025 up to 70% of clinical trials will incorporate wearable sensors.


We Empower Sites

We help Sites and CROs to design the trial according to a protocol's needs. Out approach is device agnostic and is ideal for clinical trials, observational studies, and post-market/ pragmatic studies.


Trial Management

Set up Surveys and Data streams

Patient Communication

Programme Messages and questionnaire reminders to patients

Follow Adherence

Monitor enrollment
Spot early on possible drop outs

BI & Reports

Unlock new insights
Spot Trends


We engage Patients

We provide Health diary and activity insights all accessible from the same App

We reduce participation burden by offering Support on protocol information, offer caregiver membership, reduce visits with real-time monitoring and communication with clinicians



We Drive Insights

Unlock new insights from patient data and drive clinical endpoints


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