Study Description

Virtual Ward study is leveraging Healthentia solution to monitor and interact with Ovarian Cancer Patients. The Phase 1 scope pertains monitoring and support through the platform for those patients who have been treated with surgery for ovarian cancer and covers the 30-days follow-up period after post-surgery discharge. This is a critical phase of the overall care pathway, with need for the patients to receive guidelines about daily habits, treatment adherence, use/state of post-surgical devices, check of wound heal, potential inflammations, etc. Likewise, the opportunity for clinical staff to have more frequent, focused remote interactions where they can capture any evolution on overall health status, mild and severe adverse symptoms, practical issues during the recovery stage, will result in better quality of care and more efficient management of the patients group.

Study Details

  • Type: Virtual Ward
  • Start: September 2023
  • Phase 1: 30-days follow-up period, Phase 2: pre-surgery and post-surgery treatment period


Our role

Healthentia is the essential link between gynecological surgery patients and their healthcare team. It enables seamless communication, allowing patients to report symptoms, share vital data, and interact with professionals. With features like a Virtual Assistant, we provide guidance and support during the crucial post-operative phase, enhancing care effectiveness and patient experience. Through collaboration with healthcare facilities like the Gemelli Generator – Real World Data Facility, we contribute to innovative care models, ensuring personalized and timely interventions for patients.