Decentralized Clinical Trials

Best-of-breed of virtual clinical studies features

Healthentiais an advanced eClinical solution that facilitates fully Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT), as well as hybrid Clinical Trials, featuring eRecruitmenteConsent, teleconsultation and televisit, ePRO-IoT integration and virtual coaching. 

Healthentia empowers patients and gives them an active role in taking trial’s actions, rather than bringing them to the trial sites; thus facilitating clinical trial optimization, accelerating trial processes, reducing drop-out and failure rates, and validating drug/intervention efficacy and effectiveness with Real World Data insights.

Decentralized TRials


Group 225

Accelerate Trial setup

Quick customizable set up of trials according to Protocol specifications and  seamless connectivity with ePRO and any wearable device

Frame 16

Advanced study management

Group 227

SaaS & PaaS

On-Cloud (SaaS) and On-Premises (PaaS) approach

Frame 17

Reduced drop-outs

Due to digital tools and close remote monitoring


Frame 15

Higher adherence and compliance


Co-creation Programs

Improve patient engagement and health outcomes through patient programs co-creation

Frame 18

Reduce study costs

Due to reduced administrative burdens and the use of digital tools

Group 232

Rich data capturing

Collection of different types of Outcomes

Group 229

Advanced BI analytics

Analytics in customizable dashboards to view trial metrics on population data to act upon

eConsent Components

The investigator can pick from a set of components to configure such as Trial information, images, audio, video, two factor authentication and digital signatures that can assist in the consent process of a patient/user and an organisation.

The investigator from the portal is required to do the double signature to acknowledge the eConsent process.

Real World Data collection & Wearables

Patients recruited in clinical trials can use a simple and secure app to report their outcomes, answer to questionnaires and allow the seamless recording of data from wearable and IoT devices, while clinicians and investigators can safely benefit smart services in a fully-fledged portal to manage the trial and navigate through advanced analytics.

Listen to your patients’ data

There is context to uncover behind your patients’ data. Tap on this knowledge either using Healthentia’s reports with their rich visual elements, or exploring Healthentia’s smart services that group and model your patients or assess their risk.

  • Unlock new insights from the patient data
  • Guide trial management from automatically extracted patient groups
  • Identify patients’ risk
  • Data Valorization opportunity for reported outcomes.

Made for your Business

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Healthentia is a medical decision support software developed by Innovation Sprint and intended to monitor and predict outcomes, offer virtual coaching services, and generate automatic alerts regarding events, based on Real World Data.
Healthentia is also used for Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT, leveraging best-of-breed of eClinical studies features, such as eRecruitment, eConsent, teleconsultation/ televisit, ePRO-IoT integration, and virtual coaching. Healthentia empowers patients and gives them an active role in taking trial’s actions, rather than bringing them to the trial sites; thus facilitating clinical trial optimization, accelerating trial processes, reducing drop-out and failure rates, and validating drug/intervention efficacy and effectiveness with Real World Data insights. Healthentia is used by Top5 Pharma and large hospitals and operates under the strict regulatory framework of Good Clinical Practice.

  • achieve cost savings
  • accelerate the drug approval process
  • obtain useful insights to develop drugs and interventions of higher efficacy
Healthcare Organizations

Run clinical trials smoothly, with data integrity and accuracy in data collection  and enriched Quality data setsPatient Monitoring and collection of reported Outcomes in and out of hospitalReduced patient risks after hospital release

Medical Device Companies optimize the clinical trial process for your medical device and diagnostic equipment with healthentia platform.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies need to offer more competitive health insurance products and the only way to do so is via personalization of their products. Healthentia can help offer a tool for insurance companies to collect lifestyle data and offer reduced fees.