Supported hardware

Any personal computer that is using the supported Operating System (OS) and browser – see below- is a supported hardware device.

Operating system/browser requirements

Healthentia Portal requires a stable Internet connection and a compatible device (laptop, desktop, etc). The operating systems supported are:

  • Microsoft Windows: version 8.1 and above
  • MacOS: version 10.15 and above
  • Linux: LTS distributions released after 2019

This device will need an up-to-date internet browser in order to consult the web application. It is suggested using one of the following browsers that were each tested:

  • Google Chrome: version 93 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox: version 88 and above
  • Safari: version 12 and above
  • Microsoft Edge: version 93 and above

Specific issues that come in at Innovation Sprint from the users (post-market surveillance) are analyzed and when a systematic error on one browser is detected, this is added to the backlog and prioritized for the correct version.


The accuracy requirements for IoT devices that are connected to Healthentia are listed below.

measurement Min. accuracy
Blood pressure 10mmHg (at least 85% probability)
SpO2 Arms ±2-3% of arterial blood gas values
Heart (RHR, max, …) ±10% of the input rate or ±5 bpm
Weight  ±0.5-1.0 kg
Physical activity (steps, …) n/a
Sleep n/a

Healthentia App is compatible with other devices to collect lifestyle information and vital signs. The supported devices intended for use together with Healthentia are:

  • Garmin trackers and watches via the Garmin API (Android & iOS): Fenix 5 pro, Fenix 6 pro, Forerunner 945, Vivoactive 4, Vivosmart 4, Venu 2S,
  • Fitbit trackers and watches via the Fitbit API (Android & iOS): Versa, Inspire 2
  • iHealth devices via Bluetooth (Android & iOS): Connected Blood Pressure Monitor iHealth Track (KN-550BT), Smart body composition scale iHealth Fit (HS2S), Smart Pulse Oximeter - iHealth Air (POM3)
  • Polar belt via the Polar API (Android & iOS): H9


*   Device has acceptable accuracy for the intended purpose of Healthentia

** Device does not have acceptable accuracy for the intended purpose of Healthentia and can only be used for measurements that do not require accuracy (e.g. step counter, sleep).


In combination with Healthentia, use only measuring devices prescribed by your healthcare provider as it may affect the outcome of your monitoring.

These devices constitute a safe combination and currently there is no device-specific information on any known restrictions to combinations.
It is the responsibility of the healthcare provider to select the connected devices, among the validated ones listed above, that are appropriate for the intended purpose in terms of measurement accuracy, repeatability and range as it may affect the diagnosis of the patient. Healthentia displays values in international metrics (m, kg, s) regardless of the preference of the patient in his/her IoT device.