In Silico Trials

Augment & Synthesize your Data

Virtual study participants can be used to synthesize data and learn models is a process of in silico trials. Both simulation and modelling techniques can be used for the synthetic data generation. We offer four modes of in silico trials addressing different needs.

in silico



Turn your domain expertise into data

Start from population behaviors and simulate large cohorts for long periods. 



Learn and use generative models

Utilize our generative models or allow us to train new on your data to synthesize data. 



Purely synthetic or hybrid data sets

Employ models to synthesize new data, or augment in vivo data in terms of participants, duration or even attributes. 


In silico mode 1

You have domain knowledge. Turn it into data!

Tune the behavioral models of our simulator with your domain knowledge and the demographic data of your choice to create different patient groups of any size and controlled intra-group behavioral variation. You can then simulate the people in all groups for any duration. Our Real-World Data Simulator will simulate each person across the designated period of their lives, giving you data-rich in human activities and with a multitude of physiological attributes.

In silico mode 4

You have some data. Augment it!

We can augment your data in terms of number of people and duration. We learn models from your data and augment your in vivo set with synthetic data. If your data misses some particular attributes that are now of interest to you, we might be able to help. Any model of our expanding set of generative models might be applicable to the pathology/domain of your data, with the attributes of our models having significant overlap with your attributes, but also contain what you miss. We can then impute your data in terms of missing attributes!

In silico mode 1

You have some data. You can synthesize new datasets from it!

Let us learn generative models from your data. Get these models for your future use, or instruct Healthentia to use them in generating synthetic datasets. Even combine your models with ours in your population mix!

In silico mode 2

We have models from different pathologies/domains. Use them!

In the absence of any data, you can use our models to synthesize your own. Our generative models are statistical generators of data. You can create cohorts with groups adhering to any weighted mix of models, any number of people in each group and any duration.