The “AI state-of-play around clinical research” is a white paper recently published by the AI joint Task Force from the European CRO Federation (EUCROF) and the eClinical Forum (eCF). This is a position paper that provides information about AI and ML in clinical research around the globe, with emphasis in US and Europe.

The use cases presented include: AI to enhance clinical trial operations, feasibility exploration according to inclusion/exclusion criteria for recruitment, patient and site recruitment, applications to improve trial operations, risk-based monitoring and data management, task automation, applications for Real World Evidence (RWE), medical coding, and more.

The paper also presents clinical evaluation challenges for the development and validation of AI and concludes with the positions of the AI Task Force, including the promise for improving treatments and clinical research, the risks, and the challenge for using AI given the current state of evolving regulations.

Sofoklis Kyriazakos, leader of the AI joint Task Force, says “This white paper is an important milestone for the industry that sees the benefits of AI and puts efforts to understand the environment and how to transform the challenges into opportunities. This has been a very nice team work that underlines the importance of joining forces to make a step forward and adopt AI technologies”.

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