In the past many years, it became clear to the scientific community that nutrition affects everthing, from therapy outcomes to disease prevention and evolution. In our recent studies with Healthentia, we have seen an increase in the popularity of the nutrition feature. Driven by this insight, we present a holistic food tracking approach for patients, including meal photos, food category logs and dietary intake with separate meals calculating grams, nutrients, and calories.

Up to now, we have seen an interest from clinicians to track certain food categories throughout the week/day like logging fibers or sugary drinks for example and monitoring whether this habit has changed throughout a period.

The need was now clear, that clinicians were looking into the whole daily dietary intake of patients and therefore the widget had to support a bigger food database, portions, nutrient macros, and calories. Dieticians and clinicians need to monitor in more detail the number of meals, types of foods, combinations, and portions across the day. If there is no need for analytical food input but an image is sufficient than the patients can upload a food’s image.

Clinicians have the option to activate a nutrition widget for a specific study, allowing patients to choose food categories, portion sizes, and weights from a food database.

So, what exactly does our Nutrition Widget do? Let’s dive in.

Streamlined Food Tracking

From the App by pressing the nutrition widget patients can effortlessly add a meal from the daily view of the nutrition widget, inputting consumed food categories with serving sizes or weights, and categorizing the meal type from a predefined list (e.g., Breakfast, Breakfast Snack, Lunch, Dinner, etc.). They can save these meals as favorites for future use.

Last it is easy to edit your meals with ease. Made a mistake or decided to swap out that snack for something healthier? No problem. Simply edit your entries to reflect your choices accurately.


Picture 1: Home widget and Daily view of meals

Personalized Insights

Understanding your nutritional habits is key to making informed decisions about your diet. With our widget, you gain access to personalized insights into your eating patterns. Visualize your intake of different food groups, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate your successes along the way.


Picture 2: Weekly/monthly view (macros) and food categories

Clinicians Nutrition meal reports

Clinicians can see the calories and macro nutrients distribution across time for each patient but also investigate the specific food categories that were consumed and how these change overtime.

Picture 3: Nutrition meal report

We are very eager to see this feature being used across more studies.  Our Nutrition Widget is more than yet another tool for tracking food intake—it is part of your disease pathway and can guide you towards a healthier, more balanced nutrition that can help you improve health outcomes and achieve better results in therapy treatments like immunotherapy.

We are excited to empower your patients on your journey towards better nutrition and overall well-being. You can explore other features or areas of expertise through our Healthentia website.