Healthentia Care4Covid solution
One more project is added to the Innovation Sprint’s portfolio, the Care4Covid, which is part of the COVID-X Programme.

The COVID-X Programme aims to accelerate companies with Medical Devices that have a track record with Covid-X applications and support them to introduce solutions of strong impact to the market.

Since March 2020, Innovation Sprint helps Hospitals and other Healthcare Organizations to improve their Covid-19 resilience and response by managing Covid-19 related symptoms of patients and health workers from remote and providing targeted support and care guidelines to them.

The Care4Covid solution is a remote care and remote support solution, yet it directly boosts the business continuity and operational efficiency of healthcare organizations as well. The solution was initially developed in March 2020, following the pandemic outbreak. It was developed as pivot of the Healthentia eClinical platform, which already provided symptom-tracking functionalities and used by Top5 Pharma for clinical studies. Innovation Sprint adapted its Healthentia Symptom tracker towards tracking Covid-19 symptoms and managing patients-provided Covid-19 information.

During the past months, the solution has evolved to provide remote management and support for healthcare workers, in terms of their Covid-19 related status and symptoms. As of today, Healthentia is used in several Covid-19 related clinical studies and recently it has launched its Vax version to support tracking of the vaccination programme.

Therefore, the problems that are solved by the use of Healthentia are related to:

  • Preventive actions by clustering patients & healthy individuals into risk categories
  • Remote monitoring and supporting of patients
  • Execute workflows and clinical pathways to Covid-19 positive cases
  • Business Continuity in large organizations
  • Follow-up of vaccination programme


Care4Covid is leveraging the existing infrastructure of Healthentia for reporting, tracking, and analysing the symptoms of the patients, Innovation Sprint has developed a data-driven infrastructure that provides targeted care recommendations to healthcare workers and Covid-19 patients using the Healthentia Covid-19 app.

The novelty of the solution, therefore, lies in the Covid-19 profiling of different patients’ phenotypes and the provision of personalized care support and recommendations to them. Through the participation of Innovation Sprint in the COVID-X Programme, it will be feasible to extend the functionalities of the solution through the COVID-X sandbox and the accumulated knowledge of the clinical partners available, thus creating a new version of the solution, namely Healthentia Care4Covid.


*Healthentia application is a certified Class I Medical Device.