CATEGORY: Healthcare insurance, Explainable AI, Personalized healthcare, Real-world data, IoT, Big data

SOURCE: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Digital Finance. Springer, Cham.

Risk Assessment for Personalized Health Insurance Products

Kyriazakos S., Pnevmatikakis A., Perikleous A., Kanavos S. (2022)


The way people lead their lives is considered an important factor in health. In this chapter, we describe a system to provide risk assessment based on behavior for the health insurance sector. The system processes real-world data (RWD) of individuals from their daily life that enumerate different aspects of behavior collection. The data have been captured using the Healthentia platform and a simulator that augments the actual dataset with synthetic data. Classifiers are built to predict variations of peoples’ well-being short-term outlook. Risk assessment services are provided to health insurance professionals by processing the classifier predictions in the long term while explaining the classifiers themselves provide insights on the coaching of the users of the service.

Keywords: Healthcare insurance, Explainable AI, Personalized healthcare, Real-world data, IoT, Big data


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