CATEGORY: eHealth, eCare, Personal Health Systems, COPD, MCI, Frailty Assistant, Remote patient monitoring
SOURCE: Wireless Pers Commun 97, 1835-1875 (2017).

eWALL: An Open-Source Cloud-Based eHealth Platform for Creating Home Caring Environments for Older Adults Living with Chronic Diseases or Frailty

Sofoklis KyriazakosRamjee PrasadAlbena MihovskaAristodemos PnevmatikakisHarm op den AkkerHermie HermensPaolo BaroneAlessandro MamelliSamuele de DomenicoMatthias PocsAndrej GrguricMiran MosmondorDina SimunicAntun KernerNikola ZaricMilica Pejanović-DjurišićVladimir PoulkovKrasimir TochevBeatrix ZechmannMarkus GarschallAngeliki AngeletouStefano BonassiFrancesco InfarinatoOctavian FratouAlexandru VulpeCarmen VoicuLiljana Gavrilovska & Vladimir Atanasovski


Independent living of older adults is one of the main challenges linked to the ageing population. Especially those living with diseases like COPD, MCI or frailty, need more support in everyday life and this is by itself a big societal challenge with impact in multiple sectors. In this paper we present eWALL, an innovative open-source eHealth platform that aims to address these challenges by means of an advanced cloud-based infrastructure. eWALL is designed in an innovative manner and achieved technical breakthroughs in eHealth platforms, while prioritizing user and market needs that are often abandoned and are the major reason for technically sound solutions that fail. We consider this as an opportunity and we aim to change the eHealth systems' experience for older adults and break the barriers for the penetration of ICT solutions.