"Get introduced to your Patients"

We are using AI and machine learning to understand Physical Data and link it to clinical outcomes and drug effectiveness.

We use Real life lifestyle Data into research

  • AI algorithms are used to create patient behavioural phenotypes
  • Collecting feedback scores from Quality of Life (QoL) and Treatment-related symptoms
  • Fusing activity and vital signs with feedback scoring
  • Driving decisions, providing useful insights for clinical endpoints

Building Behavioural Phenotypes

  • Μulti-dimensional vectors create a visual patient phenotype model with characteristic behavioral habits
  • Pattern recognition algorithms cluster patients of similar phenotypes that can be then addressed by the system/investigator in a similar way.
  • Any deviation from the model is enumerated and monitored

Find the right Patient

We are developing new machine learning methods to understand patient phenotypes and their response to treatment ensuring the drug has the greatest chance of efficacy in patients.

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