Healthentia is a solution to capture and collect remotely real-life patient data

Our infrastructure is scalable and supports customization for different markets. Any project or clinical trial can be designed according to specs and the trial protocol. Customization is possible from the portal's Dashboard depending on clinical endpoints to the patient companion app by picking different devices and services per patient.
The following Solutions might differ in features but share a common vision of collecting meaningful information of the Quality of life of patients in treatment.

For Life Sciences

Pharma - BioTech - Medical Device manufacturing

  • Data integrity and accuracy in data collection with real-time monitor
  • Enriched Quality data sets in Clinical trials
  • Reduced patient risks through continuous monitoring
  • Reduced Cost & Time based on optimization of current processes
  • Improved patient recruitment and retention processes, the use of wearables and ePROs enables the inclusion of remote patients

For Patient Monitoring

Hospitals - Insurance Companies - Clinicians

  • Push notifications to patients on medication reminders
  • Add coaching availability for a preconfigured weekly program
  • Trigger questionnaire feedback customized per disease
  • Collect reports from patients on health-related events like symptoms
  • Support patients with FAQ sections on disease-related topics

For Data Insights

Pharma - Insurance Companies - Hospitals

  • Guide trial management from the collected Data
  • Identify patients risks by correlating collected data sources
  • Unlock new insights from the patient data
  • Analyze data with with BI tools
  • Data Valorization opportunity for reported outcomes...stay tuned


Healthentia is a product of Innovation Sprint with a diverse skillset between the team members from technology & data science to clinical and regulatory expertise as well as clinical research processes.
We have many years of expertise on IoT device and wearable data collection and management and understanding of digital techniques
  • ePRO

  • eCOA

  • IoT network

  • Connected Devices

  • Data Management and Reporting

  • Software as a Medical Device

  • chat bot support

  • Patient Engagement

  • Patient support

  • Multi-language

  • virtual trials

  • Post market & Observational Trials


We access the market with strategic partnerships with CROs and Life Sciences Software Solution partners.
We can also work directly with Pharma or Medical Device manufacturers for observational and post-market studies.
Starting off with wearables and new sensor data in your studies can be daunting. Let us help you with Healthentia to integrate different types of data streams, making them immediately available for research and allow close patient monitoring.
Our customizable infrastructure can have you get your projects up and running in no time.
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